Pradeep Albert, MD,

Vice President and CIO

“Medical Arts Radiology is proud to be the first imaging center in Long Island to offer fully compliant ultra-low dose CT in all of our locations. SafeCT allowed us up to 50% reduction in radiation without compromising image quality.


Furthermore, the SafeCT-29 prevents over-dose scans and provides complete dose reporting to all of our CT scanners. With these capabilities we are able to offer our patients superior service while improving our bottom line”

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John Basile, CRA, R.T., (R)(MR)

Administrative Director of Radiology

“By complying with the strictest industry regulations and offering the most sophisticated CT technologies we ensure that our patients receive the best diagnostic outcome, in the safest way possible close to home.


Medic Vision’s SafeCT® allowed us to monitor radiation dose levels, deliver ultra-low dose CT lung screening while retaining high image quality, and to save substantial costs that can be reinvested in our services”

A single software platform enabling compliance with CT dose monitoring & reporting standards as required by The Joint Commission.

US patented & FDA-cleared 3rd-party XR-29 solution. 

The only 3rd-party XR-29 solution recommended by the CT OEMs. 

A universal 3D iterative image reconstruction system, that enables the use of low-dose CT protocols, by substantially increasing image quality and SNR. 

SafeCT Dose Reporting

 Easy Data Retrieval & Analysis


Allows Achieving 

XR-29 Compliance


Low-Dose CT Scanning 

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SafeCT® solutions:

Medic Vision offers vendor independent CT radiation management and monitoring solutions that help achieve compliance with all related regulatory requirements and initiatives.

Our SafeCT® platform supports CT scanners of all vendors and models and encompasses several proprietary patented technologies: Iterative Image Reconstruction, 3D image processing, GPU computing, and dose analytics.

One Stop Shop

CT Dose Management System

for All Scanners